We are conveniently located in the centre of Jambiani village from where we begin the authentic cultural quad tours in the southern part of Zanzibar: Makunduchi area, village of Hadumu.

    • The tour starts from Jambiani (Kichakanyuki)
    • We slowly drive on the main road between fishermen houses and local activities up to Makunduchi village for the first stop at the main square (roundabout) where it’s possible to buy some gifts for the local community (Ex. .rice, food or school stationeries) from the local shops.
    • Second stop is at the Makunduchi Cottage Hospital and Mwaka Kogwa Water Well where our guide will explain the history of these places.
    • We’ll then arrive at the local mud houses where we’ll get to know different traditions and cultures, like how to make cassava flour or a rope from the coconut husk, at all the time surrounded by the youngest members of the community and their shining smiles.
    • We then proceed to the Makunduchi beachto visit the local fish market (Soko la Samaki) where we also meet the local women seaweed farmers
    • The tour ends with the drive back to Jambiani through a scenic off road along the Indian Ocean.

Price: 130$ per Quad (max. 2 people)

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Zanzibar Quad Adventure loves Nature!

We support the cooperation with the fishermen community on the ‘Plastic Collection Project’: fishermen collect plastic from the beach, take it to a collecting point from where we move it to our base. Each quad is equipped with a 15 Kg waterproof bag. The  plastic gets collected every two days from our base in Jambiani by Zanrec and, in part, it is recycled by Recycle At Ozti.