We are strategically located in Kiwengwa, from where we begin the authentic naturalistic quad tour in the central part of Zanzibar: Kinyasini and Pwani Mchangani area.
    • The tour starts from Kairo (Kiwengwa)
    • We slowly drive on the main road between fishermen houses and local activities up to Pwani Mchangani for the first stop at the main square (cross junction) where it’s possible buy some gifts for the local community (Ex. rice, food or school stationeries).
    • We then proceed to Kinyasini village driving through the typical village of Kandwi and its beautiful rice fields where we stop to let our guide explain the economy of the island and give information about the natural aspects of the area.
    • We’ll then arrive at the local mud houses where we’ll get to know different traditions and cultures surrounded by the youngest members of the community and their shining smiles.
    • We head back to Pwani Mchangani area: driving through fishermen villages with houses made of coral, visiting the local fish market (Soko la Samaki) and then last stop at Waikiki for some refreshments.
    • The tour ends with the drive back to Kiwengwa.

Price: 130$ per Quad (max 2 people)

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